Chip resetter for Epson Stylus Pro 4000 9600 7800 9800 etc

Chip resetter for Epson Stylus Pro 4000 9600 7800 9800 etc

Model No.︰CRE4000

Brand Name︰Maxmart

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

How it works

The resetter is guaranteed to work on original brand Epson Wide Format cartridge chips, but may also work on some of the "compatible chips" manufactured by 3rd parties with no guarantee. As long as you are refilling a genuine Epson Wide Format cartridge, this resetter is 100% guaranteed to bring your chips back to 100% new specifications.

Wide format cartridges that the chip resetter works with:           

T499201, T500201, T501201, T502201, T503201, T504201
T511201, T512201, T513201, T514201, T515201, T516201
T549100, T549200, T549300, T549400, T549500, T549600
T544100, T544200, T544300, T544400, T544500, T544600
T544700, T544800, T543700, T543800, T565700, T565900
T543100, T543200, T543300, T543400, T543500, T543600
T545100, T545200, T545300, T545400, T545500, T545600
T565100, T565200, T565300, T565400, T565500, T565600
T564100, T564200, T564300, T564400, T564500, T564600
T564700, T564900, T562700, T567800, T562900
T562100, T562200, T562300, T562400, T562500, T562600
T563100, T563200, T563300, T563400, T563500, T563600
T563700, T567800, T563900
T566200, T566300, T566400, T566800
T567200, T567300, T567400, T567800
T6071, T6072, T6073, T6074, T6075, T6076, T6077, T6079
T6048, T6122, T6123, T6124, T6128
T6041, T6042, T6043, T6044, T6045, T6046, T6047, T6049
T5921, T5922, T5923, T5924, T5925, T5926, T5927, T5928, T5929
T499, T500, T501, T502, T503, T504
T511, T512, T513, T514, T515, T516
T5491, T5492, T5493, T5494, T5495, T5496
T5441, T5442, T5443, T5444, T5445, T5446, T5447, T5448
T5431, T5432, T5433, T5434, T5435, T5436, T5437, T5438
T5451, T5452, T5453, T5454, T5455, T5456
T5651, T5652, T5653, T5654, T5655, T5656, T5657, T5659
T5641, T5642, T5643, T5644, T5645, T5646, T5647, T5649
T5621, T5622, T5623, T5624, T5625, T5626, T5627, T5678, T5629
T5631, T5632, T5633, T5634, T5635, T5636, T5637, T5678, T5639
T5662, T5663, T5664, T5668
T5672, T5673, T5674, T5678
Maintenance Tanks C12C890191, C12C890071
ICBK24, C24, M24, Y24, LC24, LM24, GY24, MB24
ICBK25, C25, M25, Y25, LC25, LM25, GY25, MB25
ICBK38, C38, M38, Y38, LC38, LM38, GY38, LGY38
ICBK39, C39, M39, Y39, LC39, LM39, GY39, LGY390

Printers that the wide format chip resetter works with   

Epson Pro 4000, 4400, 4800, 4880, 4880C, 7400, 7450, 7600, 7800, 7880, 7880C, 9400, 9600, 9800, 9880, 9880C, 10000, 10000C, 10600

Epson PX-6000, PX-7000, PX-7500, PX-9000, PX-9500

Epson Proofer 7600, 9600, 10000, 10600

Method of Application:

1. Fit the chip to the groove of chip resetter,and enable the probe of chip resetter
     contacts the contactor of the chips.
2. Press the 2 components together. If the red light gleams ,it means the
    connection is fine.
3. 5 seconds later, the red light turns to green light,and it means the chip data has
     been refreshed.
4. Refill dye inks or other brand compatible ink ,and the cartridge could be used again.

Payment Terms︰ TT / Western Union / Paypal

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